Investing With Confidence

The investment services side of Martin Tax & Financial Services consists of financial advisors and investment professionals who take a tax-smart approach to investing, specializing in tax-efficient asset management and retirement planning. Our job is to help you invest and retire with confidence.

Why is Tax-Smart Investing So Important?

Smart investors know that there is more to investing than simply how their investments are performing. They know that other factors must be considered, such as their risk tolerance and the fees and expenses associated with their investments. Taxation is another one of those considerations. While your investment return is important, your after-tax investment return is even more important. In retirement, this may be the most important financial truth of all.

Tax-smart investing can help you retain more of what you earn and what you've saved. If your investment portfolio performs very well, but you lose a significant amount of what you earned due to unnecessary taxation, then something is wrong. Our advisors utilize their tax knowledge and resources to give advice that is tax efficient considering each client's unique circumstances. We are concerned with your after-tax income as well as your portfolio returns.

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